PAN 9.1 Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of Prison Action News volume 9 issue 1! This is a special issue devoted to writing by women and trans prisoners. Please spread the word!

Pan 9.1 Print Final Version

Pan 9.1 Internet Final Version

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Boston ABC Officially Shuts Down

After over two years of inactivity,  Boston Anarchist Black Cross has officially called it quits. Former members came to the conclusion that the group was not revivable, and transferred all remaining funds to the current bottomliners of Prison Action News to help cover postage and printing expenses.

Boston ABC was started in April of 2003 and enjoyed a decade-long run of prisoner and legal support. Participants were instrumental in forming the the Northeast Anarchist Network (now also defunct), and starting Prison Action News (which lives on). Over the years the group maintained a zine distro, did basic legal research for prisoners, and for a time provided pen-pals to prisoners. They also raised money to bail out anarchists arrested at protests and conducted know-your-rights trainings.

Boston ABC was never a large group. Boston anarchists were generally supportive of ABC, but relatively few of them ever participated it it. In addition the group was plagued by constant turnover, as participants left town or moved on to other projects, a problem endemic to the Boston anarchist community. The last bottomliner was forced to step back for several reasons, and no one else came forward to take their place.

This blog will continue to host the Boston ABC zine distro and Prison Action News.

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Prison Action News 8.2 Out Now

PAN Volume 8 Issue 2 is out! Please distribute widely.

Pan 8.2 Print Version Final

Pan 8.2 Internet Version final

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PAN 8.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Prison Action News issue 8.1 is now available for download.  Links below, please distribute widely!


Pan 8.1 Internet Version FINAL

Pan 8.1 Print Version FINAL

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Prison Action News 7.2 Out Now

We are happy to announce that volume seven, issue two of PAN is now available! This issue features all new tales of resistance from prisons in the US and around the world. Please disseminate widely, especially to prisoners. Download links below.

Pan 7.2 Print Version Final(1)

Pan 7.2 Internet Version Final(1)

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Greece prisoner hunger strike – Fourth day (26/6)

Counter-info gathering in Larissa, Greece (June 25th, 2014);
the top banner reads: “Maximum security prisons, concentration camps…
Crush the new totalitarianism. Fire to the hellholes”;
the other banner reads: “Invisible and visible prison bars…
The prison society smiles at you. –Anarchists’ Assembly of Larissa

Draft bill on new Type-C maximum security prisons will be put to a vote within a week. The Greek parliament is in summer recess; the recess section (consisting of one third of the total number of MPs) is scheduled to vote the bill on Thursday the 3rd of July 2014.

Below are the hunger strikers (per prison) who continue to participate in the nationwide mobilization against the operation of a Greek Guantanamo in Domokos prison:

Koridallos (Athens): 1,480 prisoners

Patras: 550 prisoners

Grevena: 400 prisoners

Larissa: 330 prisoners

Domokos: 300 prisoners

Chania (Crete): 280 prisoners

Nigrita (Serres): 200 prisoners

Amfissa: 200 prisoners

Corfu: 120 prisoners

Trikala: 120 prisoners

Malandrino: 120 prisoners

Avlonas: 100 juvenile prisoners

Kos: 60 prisoners

Corinth: 50 prisoners

Nafplion: 50 prisoners

In Alikarnassos (Crete), all inmates abstain from prison food.

Also, on June 26th, another court session at Koridallos was interrupted, because all of the CCF imprisoned members on trial are currently on hunger strike against the fascist bill of the ministry of Justice.

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