A flyer text given inside of the prisons in Greece

A flyer text give inside of the prisons in Greece


The enforcement of the social regularity in everyday life in prison This letter comes as a continuation of a first attempt to communicate with prisoners, last Spring. As we rewrote in the last letter, everyday life inside greek prisons becomes more and more exhausting. In a condition outside prisons where people feel trapped and more and more restricted, it is reasonable that inside prisons, as a society itself in a concentrated form, this feeling is getting increased.
Laws and regularity The modern Greece, is consistent with the proper evolution that must have, as a part of global capitalism. Of this system, that wants everybody who lives in its interior, to fully accept the living conditions that it sets. These conditions, are essentially the laws that define what  should and what  should not do. When someone does not accept them, the state and the authority will try to bring him back on the  right way .
And if someone is not going to follow this way, they will attempt his extermination. There are too many ways through which the authority will try to construct for someone, an alternative  normal life : drugs, political parties, hooliganism etc. But there are also people who, through their choices, disrupt the normality. These, will face an other aspect of laws, the punishment. What, essentially, will face someone who doesn’t comply with these that  should or  should not do. Prison is good only for those that build it Prison is the most important representative of punishment and the prison system is a last effort of the power to bring someone back to the legal way.
And since, in the case of prison the state has to do with people that didn’t comply, it applies a number of methods and strategies, in order to suppress and decompress any possibility of conflict between the prisoners and the guards of the prison. So, the prisoner becomes a part of a system that firstly departs him from his familiar persons, and after it isolates him from society, it restricts his space, it separates him from other people because of different color, gender or country, and many times it turns him against them. But he has also, the opportunity to choose between drugs or psychotropic medicines, so that he can sleep calm in his cell, but also that principals, wardens and ministers sleep calm in their houses.
They give him the choise, when the guards turn a blind eye, to make a profit transporting smuggled products, and when the same guards want to show the good aspect of the prison or to take back the monopoly of these products, they chase him. They give him the choise to spend his years in prison with facilities, without problems, if he doesn’t cause problems to the guards or to the rats of the prison.
A good prison where he can speak over an hour in the card phone with his family, an entire evening in his cellphone inside the cell (always with the fear of getting caught). A  good prison where he can oxygenate for five hours a day, where he will not get into the isolation. A  good prison finally, where someone who had chosen not to be a slave in his previous life, now he will have the opportunity to work. This is a  good prison. Is it worth it? The internal conflicts and the own goal It’s a fact that many times for no reason, either for drugs, or for racial issues, there are conflicts in prisons like lately in Korydallos and elsewhere which become huge and end to fights.
The only sure thing is that in these cases, the only winner out of these conflicts is not anyone of the groups involved. Is the authority of the prison, who doesn’t want this rage to erupt against her. Who wants to prevent any possibility of rebellion. And having this as a target, she will not hesitate to use any way of enforcement, either it is an obvious way (like raids of EKAM in the cells for inspections), either a more insidious way (like drugs, whose movement is, most times, in the hands of prison guards). As It has been said by an unnamed prisoner from a jail in Sante: … But there is a civil war, as it happens and outside prisons.
As a result, some may not hesitate to snitch other prisoners for some weed, or to avoid staying in isolation. They will not hesitate to conflict with other prisoners for their skin color, to help in the suppression of rebellions in order not to disturb their serenity/peace and their drug dealing, to become friends with the guards to be able to lick a few crumbs from the plate. To tell the truth there are not anymore two sides, but as many as the different skin colors of the prisoners, and it doesn’t matter if someone is in uniform or not.
The alliances are based on a racial viewpoint and are not depending on  who holds the keys and who has nothing … Let the rage turn against those that open and close cells with humans every day, those that after their cruel job will go and sleep calm in their houses, those that in every way, every day, are there to remind you that you are a number and a case among a stack of paperwork.
Let the rage turn against those that block our way to freedom.




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