Statement from anarchist prisoner Nyki Kish about her recent appeal being denied

Statement from anarchist prisoner Nyki Kish about her recent appeal being denied

Nicole Kish is an anarchist prisoner and prison abolition activist serving a life sentence for a murder she did not commit. Nyki was charged and convicted for the he stabbing of Rob Hammond a internet porn marketing executive with no physical evidence and despite multiple eye witnesses accounts that all verified her story.Police “lost” the videos from 2 surveillance cameras which caught the fight. Now Nyki sits in an ontario jail. Nyki’s appeal was just denied.

A message from Nyki!

So the system is more corrupt and broken than even I believed. I believed
in the appeal I just lost. I have believed since the day I was charged
that somewhere within the system one of the many pairs of eyes that
comprise it would see what has happened and stop it. Now last night I
found myself lying awake wishing that I was guilty like they say I am,
terrible as this sounds, because then I could at least understand. But
then I let my tears out and I stopped wishing such a terrible thing. It is
terrible that the violence which erupted on Queen St. West that night led
to a man being stabbed and killed. But I have been able to sleep for the
near 7 years since it happened knowing that it was not my hands which hurt

There is a man who is free today however who ought not to sleep so well.
And there are police officers who ought not to sleep well either. And
there are judges. And let me tell you, when entire institutions, at every
level of their function tell you that you did something over and over
again, you being to feel mad for knowing otherwise.

I’ve lost touch in the past year with the support I have in the world,
with the people who know and who care that I didn’t kill Ross Hammond.

In my frantic state on my birthday in 2007 I did not even realize anyone
else had been hurt but me. I screamed and screamed for those police to
come and I was so angry at them when they came and told me that I was not
their priority. But I called for the police, I didn’t run away that night,
I had no reason to.
I never spoke about that night again though. This system has told me not
to for this reason or that every single day since. But now i have no
reason not to speak. There are no avenues or safe guards in the system
left to hold onto. I am confronted with the reality that I am systemically

I am not abandoned in your hearts though…. except that has been really
hard for me to see lately. CSC works very hard to dissociate me from you.
And the easy route would be for me to except CSC’s agenda and lie and
pretend I am guilty. I can’t do that though, because I did not stab
anyone, nor did I know anyone was being stabbed. And no service would be
done to anyone by my lying to try to get parole. Just as no service is
being done by letting the truth of that night go untold, or by a system
remaining complacent in its erroneous and harmful practices, which
prioritize convictions and closed cases to understanding truth.

So to Ian Nordheimer, Gray Giroux, all the crowns and now the court of
appeals, shame. My family and I and some truly amazing people supporting
us now have to do your jobs for you.
And we will. That much I know in my hearts. And I feel blessed and
thankful and safe because of that knowledge.

I am sorry that I do not reply to all the kind and caring letters I
receive and I am sorry that I have let people fight for me outside without
fighting beside you in here. I lost my hope but I have again found it and
I’ll never let it go again. I’ll use my voice again, to speak not just
for me but against the whole insane state of the institutions of law and
justice. There is no equality or justness within them.

Thank you for the continued love and support of everyone out there who
care about the truth or who care for me or who simply care about people
doing the right thing. I’ll do my best to do the right thing too from in
here. And that starts by ending the silence I’ve let occur.
So much love and solidarity,
Nyki Kish

Nyki’s mother runs a support website for her

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