Officials who say they’re ‘contact tracing’ protesters hurt the fight against COVID-19

We recommend that if you test positive for COVID-19, that you do not list your political contacts with any kind of contact tracing group you may be asked to divulge information to.  Make sure to contact all of your comrades you have been in physical proximity with recently, and let them know that you have become ill and they should act accordingly.

Let’s not let the fight against this virus become another tool of state surveillance.

We have not seen any plans yet for any kind of contact tracing smart phone app that we think is remotely worth supporting.  That being said, this pandemic is very real, and very dangerous.  If you get sick, you should do what you can to isolate yourself and you should let the people you’ve been near know.

That being said, stay out in the streets and keep the pressure on.  The state has blinked a number of times in the past week.  Stay healthy and look out for each other out there.

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