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Greece prisoner hunger strike – Fourth day (26/6)

Counter-info gathering in Larissa, Greece (June 25th, 2014);
the top banner reads: “Maximum security prisons, concentration camps…
Crush the new totalitarianism. Fire to the hellholes”;
the other banner reads: “Invisible and visible prison bars…
The prison society smiles at you. –Anarchists’ Assembly of Larissa

Draft bill on new Type-C maximum security prisons will be put to a vote within a week. The Greek parliament is in summer recess; the recess section (consisting of one third of the total number of MPs) is scheduled to vote the bill on Thursday the 3rd of July 2014.

Below are the hunger strikers (per prison) who continue to participate in the nationwide mobilization against the operation of a Greek Guantanamo in Domokos prison:

Koridallos (Athens): 1,480 prisoners

Patras: 550 prisoners

Grevena: 400 prisoners

Larissa: 330 prisoners

Domokos: 300 prisoners

Chania (Crete): 280 prisoners

Nigrita (Serres): 200 prisoners

Amfissa: 200 prisoners

Corfu: 120 prisoners

Trikala: 120 prisoners

Malandrino: 120 prisoners

Avlonas: 100 juvenile prisoners

Kos: 60 prisoners

Corinth: 50 prisoners

Nafplion: 50 prisoners

In Alikarnassos (Crete), all inmates abstain from prison food.

Also, on June 26th, another court session at Koridallos was interrupted, because all of the CCF imprisoned members on trial are currently on hunger strike against the fascist bill of the ministry of Justice.

Jake and the Infernal Machine CD release


WEDs * July 2nd * 6PM

At the Burrow in Lower Allston (Email trenchesfullofpoets (AT) for the address).


Evan Greer: Radical genderqueer singer/songwriter, parent, and community organizer based in Boston. She writes and performs high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance! –

Jake and the Infernal Machine: Boston rebel punk and folk. Releasing a new CD – “Rise Like Fire!”

The Old Edison: HoodFolk from Boston, MA.

Radical Apathy: Local anarcho-syndicalist punk.

To Benefit:
Prison Action News – Prisoner writings about resistance behind bars distributed for free to prisoners.

WEDs * July 2nd * 6PM
Abolition-FestAt the Burrow in Lower Allston (Email trenchesfullofpoets (AT) for the address).

Defend and Free Political Prisoners in North America


Dear friends and comrades!

The 2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference is a mere three months away and we have a long way to go before reaching our fundraising goal! In an effort to really kickstart the final fundraising push, we are asking for your help in raising $2000 by midnight on June 22nd! This money will help us cover the cost of the space for the conference. OR it will help us cover airfare to fly in comrades from across the continent to join us in Denver. OR it will help us cover the cost of food for the weekend. You get the picture…

For the last three years, our international conference has brought together dozens of people from all over North America who are involved in the struggle to support, act in solidarity with, and free our comrades. Rarely is there a time when we are all in the same space—sharing our ideas and energy, strategizing, building networks, and creating new projects to strengthen our struggles and movements. The conference has also been a time for intergenerational, cross-movement dialogue—a time to learn from the past and look to the future.

When you donate to the conference, your money is essentially seed money for the beginning stages of exciting new projects and the revitalization of old ones. It is a contribution to the future of our movements and to the freedom of our imprisoned comrades.

But just in case you need more of an incentive… we would like to offer gifts for money donated!

A donation of $10: 2 Political Prisoner Support stickers*
A donation of $25: 1 Political Prisoner Support t-shirt** and 2 stickers
A donation of $40: 1 t-shirt, 2 stickers, and a book***
A donation of $60: 2 t-shirts, 2 stickers and a book
A donation of $60+: the gifts for the $60 donation plus our undying love and devotion

If you would like to make a donation but not receive the gifts, please make note of that. Once you donate using the link below, we will contact you about your gifts. If you would like to send a check or money order, rather than using the link below, contact us at naabcconference[at]riseup[dot]net to find out where to send it.

Please visit: to make a donation now.

Again, we are pushing to raise $2000 by midnight on June 22nd. With your help, we can do it!

Yours in solidarity,

Until all are free!

The NAABC Organizing Crew

*stickers for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid
**t-shirts for Eric McDavid, Tinley Park 5
***Books: Government Repression, Prisoner Support by Sacramento Prisoner
Support; Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism by the RNC 8

Support Revolutionary Prisoner Cesar Polito!

Support Revolutionary Prisoner Cesar Polito:Help Cesar Get Psychiatric Care Cesar Polito
A revolutionary prisoner and Colombian immigrant serving a life sentence at SCI Greene in Pennsylvania, is in desperate need of voices of support from the outside. Suffering from depression his whole life and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in prison years ago, Cesar’s health and well-being are constantly neglected by prison officials. Cesar’s friends and supporters recently held a phone blitz to the prison to demand that Cesar receive the medical treatment he needs for his feet, but before the call-in even started, a guard found Cesar lying on the floor, blood running from self-inflicted razor-blade wounds to his arm. He had been requesting help for his depression for a month prior to the suicide attempt, but received none. Since then, Cesar has been back and forth between the Psychiatric Observation Cells and one of the worst units in the prison, and subjected to harassment and humiliation from certain guards who are making jokes about his situation. To this day he has not received a mental health evaluation. Cesar is currently in Unit Aa, and he wants to be moved next door to Unit Ab/the Special Needs Unit. His health has been neglected, both physical—cuts that required stitches the doctors wouldn’t perform—and mental—he is still struggling to get psychological help. Cesar needs our solidarity. Cesar is a member of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation/Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra, and he is asking for assistance from comrades across the country. Cesar has almost no family in the United States. While he has the support of some of his fellow prisoners and two particularly compassionate guards, it will take action from the outside world to get Cesar into the Special Needs Unit, to stay there until he and qualified and compassionate health professionals deem he is ready to move, and to get him the help he needs to get healthy. The prison has an interest in keeping Cesar’s situation quiet. The Department of Justice has been investigating the conditions at Pennsylvania’s Correctional Institutions, and, as Cesar writes, “they are trying to keep the situation on the down low because they don’t want the outside to know that this place has the highest rate of people trying to commit suicide.” Take Action Let Cesar know he is neither alone nor forgotten. Please call in to the following phone number . Please read from the script below, or speak in your own words but mention these points and facts.
**Call the prison – 724 852 2902** -Ask to speak to Superintendent Gilmore, or his assistant Tracy Shawley. If neither are available, ask to speak to Deputy Superintendent for Facility Management Winfield. Script: Remember, please be kind and courteous, but firm, to the officials with whom you speak. -I’m calling in regards to the health situation of Cesar Polito #CF-7444. I am aware that Mr. Polito made an attempt to end his life, and I am concerned the prison did not provide adequate and timely treatment. -I am requesting your administration launch a full investigation into the situation. -I am also requesting that Mr. Polito be moved to Unit Ab/The Special Needs Unit. -We have already informed Secretary John E. Wetzel, Treatment Services director Shawn Kephart, and Director of Psych Services Bob Marsh. If the situation does not improve, we will bring Mr. Polito’s suicide attempt and lack of proper treatment to the media, and state and federal level politicians, if necessary.
More about Cesar:
An interview with Cesar about his life: Some of Cesar’s writings:
You can write to Cesar or send him literature at:
Cesar Polito #CF-7444 175
Progress Drive Waynesburg, PA 15370

Retaliation Against Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, because He Got Himself a Lawyer.

Retaliation Against Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, because He Got Himself a Lawyer.

It has become clear that the ODRC is messing with Sean’s ability to communicate. This is very likely a retaliatory attempt to obstruct his ability to sue their pantspants off. Below find a message from him about the phone restriction. Supporters have been calling since Sunday about the Jpay email restriction. It seems both originated with Cheif Inspector Gary Croft.

We were unable to reach Gary Croft today, but hope to try again tomorrow. Sean encourages other supporters to also call Croft and demand that he return Sean’s access to these forms of communication. This morning Sean started dumping his meals down the toilet, on an unofficial hunger strike (since official hunger strikers who refuse meals are often punished).

Please call Gary Croft at 614-752-1677.

The message from Sean:

On April 6 I put Attorney Richard Kerger’s phone # on my phone list. Next attempt to call, my PIN # was suspended, locking me out of the phone system entirely. [Sean might not realize it, but the ODRC has also restricted Sean from receiving Jpay emails]. When I notified Global Tel Link, I received a response that my PIN is suspended per “operations support center, chief inspector’s office.” The chief inspector is Gary Croft. His job is to answer grievance appeals, not harass my communication. I’ve had to sue this goofball three times and while the last lawsuit was pending, he was named to the parole board to give me 5 years, then went back to chief inspector. Now, he has cut off my outside communication just when I got an attorneyan attorney and can sue them successfully. The Cheif Inspector can be reached at (614) 752-1677.
I ate my last meal, dinner April 8th. I’m not hungerstriking, as I don’t want [to be] stuck in a strip cell and fucked around. But, the world knows I’m not eating and I won’t be- I’ll be flushing my food until my communication is resumed and the call I missed this past weekend is provided to me.
The more people who contact Gestapo Gary and demand he stop fuckweaseling me, the better. Please feel free to post and re-post everywhere. My concern is that the fascists, who haven’t done such a whizbang job running the prisons now want to control what you read and hear and know. Nothing they “regulating” by stopming on well-established political speech in a public forum is related in any way to a legitimate penological interest. They want to exterminate ideas, free thought.
I don’t think they’ve thought this through… But I have… So stay tuned.
Freedom or Death,

Sean Swain

A message from an anarchist prisoner on the Alabama prison work strike


Clenched-fist salute!

I’m Michael and yes, I’m locked down in one of Amerika’s many prisons in the state of Alabama. But that does not excuse me from the struggle for a better world. And I believe that anarchism is the best alternative to what exists now. I believe this without reservations. Anarchism is not about building state power, but rather, destroying the state and building new humyn relationships based on mutual aid and cooperation and freedom.

I’m not a public speaker, but a warrior in the struggle to build that new humyn relationship, mutual aid, cooperation, and freedom from all coercive power, rather than a soldier, because a soldier is someone who is ordered about without thinking for him/herself in a hierarchical structure. A tool of a ruling power.

Right now there is a struggle going on in Alabama’s prisons demanding a change in the horrendous, unsanitary, and inhumane conditions in the prisons. In the prison I’m at, Holman, birds fly around the kitchen dropping bird shit on prisoners and/or their food, industrial light fixtures are falling from the ceiling injuring at least one prisoner seriously, during the winter months the showers are cold, the dorms are also cold in the winter, inadequate medical care, inadequate outdoors exercise time, inadequate nutrition, harassment of family members during visiting hours, and a host of other serious problems too numerous to list (see Justice or Just Business for more). But most of all, we are fighting and struggling for our dignity and humanity.

Prisoners have very few options against the prison system. We have the options of: (1) filing lawsuits, (2) rioting, (3) hunger strikes, (4) work strikes. These four are the most common practices used by prisoners throughout the world. A work strike is what is going down in Alabama right now. The reason a work strike was chosen is simple. To cause the state to lose the profits it rests in off of prisoners’ labor and to force them into making the changes in the conditions that’s demanded.

In January 2014, prisoners in Alabama staged a work strike demanding changes in the laws, sentencing, and prison conditions. The present work strike is a continuation of the January 2014 work strike.

Of course, as an anarchist I know that only by smashing the state and its oppressive institutions will people receive true humyn rights. I say people and not prisoners because there will be no prisons. Also, as an anarchist, I’m an enemy of the state and its rotten institutions and those that support them, invest in them, profit from them even if it’s a wage.

Another option or weapon I didn’t mention until now is the people on the outside in what some of us call minimum kustody (society) and what others call “free-world.” What’s free about it? Anyway, the people on the outside are the greatest weapon we can employ. Those on the outside can use the media (print, TV, social media) to expose the inhumynity going on in Amerika’s prisons. This is a priority. Through exposure, people can be educated as to the true nature of prisons and motivated to move against the state. Also, outside folks can carry out actions such as the George Jackson Brigade actions in solidarity with prisoners in Washington state who was struggling there, the actions carried out by the Red Army Faction in Germany to show their solidarity and disgust with the state, and most recently by anonymous warriors in Indiana in support and solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike there. There’s real risks in these actions for the people carrying them out and one must give it the seriousness it deserves. But one must also understand that prisoners are at serious risk of physical violence against them, possibly death, continued incarceration, isolation just to name a few outcomes. I myself don’t look to come out of this latest work strike unscathed.

But my solidarity with my fellow prisoners is more than lip service. We are already experiencing violence due to the fucked up conditions we all suffer under. A person can’t be so oppressed that they can’t find a way to fight back in some way. And one must use the weapons at their disposal. It’s on!

Tutashinde Mbili Shaka! (Together we can win!)
Death 2 the State!
Until we all are free!
Abolish prisons!

We expect retaliation, possibly including beatings of prisoners who are labeled as agitators.


We ask that you make phone calls to the Warden, the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Correction, and the Governor of Alabama, to check on the situation, our condition, demands, and welfare.

Please call:

Warden Gary Hetzel (Holman Prison): (251) 368-8173
Commissioner Kim Thomas (Alabama DOC) (334) 353-3870
Governor Robert J. Bentley: (334) 242-7100