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In Illinois Prison, A Hunger Strike Against ‘Inhumanity’

About a dozen men enter fourth week of withholding food despite prison retaliation, beatings, threat of force-feedings

In the cells of a segregated “high security unit” at a southern Illinois prison, men have taken the step of going without food to protest their isolation and inhumane treatment at the hands of “corrections” authorities.

About a dozen people who are incarcerated at the the state-run Menard Correctional Center are taking part in the hunger strike, which is stretching into its fourth week, amid reports of prison retaliation against the peaceful protest. This includes the beating of hunger striker Armando Velasquez, according to Staughton and Alice Lynd, who have been actively supporting the hunger strike since they were contacted by the incarcerated men.

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MOVE 9/Mumia Media Month!


As part of a three stage strategy to bring our comrades home, We’ve announced February to be MOVE 9/Mumia Media Month.

There are already a few awesome upcoming events, and we encourage Move and Mumia supporters in other parts to host events in their communities. If you’re interested in signing on to Move Media Month, please drop an email to denverabc[at] with a date/time and description of your event and we will add it to the list.

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A flyer text given inside of the prisons in Greece

A flyer text give inside of the prisons in Greece

The enforcement of the social regularity in everyday life in prison This letter comes as a continuation of a first attempt to communicate with prisoners, last Spring. As we rewrote in the last letter, everyday life inside greek prisons becomes more and more exhausting. In a condition outside prisons where people feel trapped and more and more restricted, it is reasonable that inside prisons, as a society itself in a concentrated form, this feeling is getting increased.
Laws and regularity The modern Greece, is consistent with the proper evolution that must have, as a part of global capitalism. Of this system, that wants everybody who lives in its interior, to fully accept the living conditions that it sets. These conditions, are essentially the laws that define what  should and what  should not do. When someone does not accept them, the state and the authority will try to bring him back on the  right way .
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Punk Rock Karaoke for NYC ABC!

Punk Rock Karaoke for NYC ABC!

WHAT: Punk Rock Karaoke
WHEN: 8:00pm, Friday, February 7th
WHERE: Pine Box Rock Shop – 12 Grattan Street Brooklyn, New York 11206 (Directions below)
COST: $8 donation at the door

Join Punk Rock Karaoke NORTHEAST as they once again storm Brooklyn for a night of punk rock singalongs at the Pine Box. As with all their events, in addition to being a great time, this is also a benefit! This time all money raised at the event will benefit NYC Anarchist Black Cross and our ongoing efforts, supporting political prisoners and opposing the prison industrial complex.

Tell your friends and come ready to have an awesome time. See you there.

Punk Rock Karaoke is a DIY, fund-raising event that benefits a different community group each time.

Featuring songs from:
Against Me!, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, Bratmobile, Buzzcocks, Choking Victim, The Clash, Circle Jerks, Crass, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Devo, Flogging Molly, Fugazi, Gogol Bordello, Gorilla Biscuits, Jawbreaker, Joy Division, Minor Threat, The Misfits, NOFX, Operation Ivy, Pixies, The Pogues, Ramones, Rancid, Screeching Weasel, Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Sleater-Kinney, The Smiths, The Specials, Stiff Little Fingers, Wire, X, X-Ray Spex + More!!!

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Grand Jury Resister Jerry Koch is Free!

Grand Jury Resister Jerry Koch is Free!

On Tuesday, January 28th, anarchist grand jury resister Gerald “Jerry” Koch was released from the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Koch’s release comes over eight months after his imprisonment for refusing to testify before a grand jury convened under the auspices of investigating the so-called bicycle bomber case.

Judge John Keenan, the presiding judge over Jerry’s case, believes that taking the position of a government run amok, using grand juries as a witch hunt is, “a delusion of grandeur.” Judge Keenan goes on:

There is simply no evidence that the Government [sic], threatened by Koch’s subversive prowess, seeks to bring him before the grand jury on a pretext, either to gain access to the treasure trove that is his circle of friends or to send an ominous message to political dissidents.

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