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D.C. Court Rules Against Tracking Cell Phones Without a Warrant

In a big blow to one of law enforcement’s favorite new techniques, the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that using a Stingray without a warrant violates the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unlawful search and seizure. Stingrays are known more formally as “cell-site simulators,” mimicking the function of a cell-phone tower and used to track a phone’s location (the nickname comes from Harris Corp’s StingRay line of devices).

In the case of Prince Jones, the court ruled that “the use of a cell-site simulator to locate a person through his or her cellphone invades the person’s actual, legitimate and reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her location information and is a search.”

Stingrays are a controversial technology, because there is little formal regulation of how they should be used. Law-enforcement agencies are usually very secretive about when they use them and how, and what data they collect from them. Commenting on leaked instruction manuals last year, one tech expert told the Intercept, “The ease with which the StingRay II can be used is quite striking and there do not seem to be any technical safeguards against misuse.”

By Brian Feldman


On The Intersection Between Prisons and Borders

Thank you to the Boston May Day Coalition for giving the Boston Anarchist Black Cross a chance to speak at the immigration march today. Here is the full text of the speech one of our members gave:

The government literally treats immigrants like criminals, just for being here.

El gobierno literalmente trata a los inmigrantes como criminales, solo por quedarse aquí.

This criminalisation of immigrants is part of the prison industrial complex.

Esta criminalización de los inmigrantes forma parte del complejo industrial penitenciario.

Most people in this country have immigration in our family histories, yet the United States blames immigrants for crimes.

La mayoría de la gente en este país tiene inmigrantes en nuestra historias familiares, pero estados unidos culpa a los inmigrantes por crímenes.

They’ve been doing it since the beginning. In fact, they even blamed anarchism on immigrants back when they passed the Immigration Act of 1903.

Lo han estado haciendo desde el principio. De hecho, aún culparon al anarquismo de los inmigrantes cuando aprobaron la Ley Inmigración del 1903 (mil novecientos y tres).

For over a century the United States has been making it harder and more dangerous to come here and especially to stay here long term.

Durante más de un siglo los estados unidos han estado haciéndolo más difícil y más peligroso venir aquí y especialmente permanecer.

They treat all immigrants, papers or not, in a humiliating, objectifying, abusive way.

Tratan todos a los inmigrantes, papeles o no, de una manera humillante, objetivadora, y abusiva.

Most surveillance targets “foreign nationals”, which includes immigrants.

La mayoría de vigilancia acosa a los “extranjeros”, inclusive inmigrantes.

Police work together with ICE to lock up immigrants.

La policía trabaja junto con el ICE para encerrar a los inmigrantes.

On the border, you have no rights.

En la frontera, no tienes derechos.

Sometimes not even human rights.

A veces ni siquiera derechos humanos.

But immigrants are still endangered within the borders.

Pero inmigrantes todavía están en peligro dentro de las fronteras.

After a while a country can look like one big prison, because you don’t have free movement. The border guard and the prison guard have the same job.

Después de un tiempo una país puede parecerse un gran prisión, porque no tienes movimiento libre. La guardia de la frontera y la guardia de la prisión tiene el trabajo mismo.

Follow the money. Capitalism is a root cause.

Sigue el dinero. El capitalismo es una causa principal.

Private companies make a lot of money locking up immigrants in detention centers, jails, and private prisons.

Empresas privadas hacen mucho dinero encerrando a los inmigrantes en centros de detención, cárceles, y prisiones privadas.

The fastest growing segment of the prison population are immigrants!

El segmento de la población carcelaria que crece más rápidamente son los inmigrantes!

All of this forms a vicious cycle. The more immigrants they lock up, the more they justify locking up immigrants, the more they profit. The Anarchist Black Cross believes no human is illegal and that we should abolish prison.

Todo esto forma una círculo vicioso. Cuanto más inmigrantes ellos encerrar, más justifican encerrar a los inmigrantes, más ganan. La Cruz Negra Anarquista cree que ningún humano es ilegal y que debemos abolir prisiones.

One thing we’d add is that you can’t stop immigrants from coming here, and if you try, that means detaining and imprisoning them. The choice is between freedom and imprisonment. The freedom of immigrants is the freedom of us all. We’d add, too, that fascists have taken advantage of the criminalization of immigrants to blame them and their races and cultures for just about everything. This speech is the answer to the false dilemma presented to us that scapegoats immigrants. 

There were a few media inquiries, which we declined. The media is free to use this text in their reporting.

Take a sneak peak at our new Security Culture workshop!

Security Culture Slides v.01

In the spirit of the annual student invasion of Boston in the beginning of the new academic year, here’s our contribution to public education.

The best interaction with the court system is none. Also, the methodology laid out in this document is useful for a myriad of other scenarios.

Driving a Uhaul down Storrow Drive is poor security culture.

Stay safe out there!


Security Culture Tips: Informants, Snitches, Surveillance Capitalism, and the Evil Faceboogle

While our project on security culture has taken longer than expected, we are enthused to see other comrades stepping up to the plate. Check out Submedia’s analysis of modern day security needs Trouble #5: You Are Being Watched

While surveillance and security challenges for activists in 2017 can feel overwhelming, they end with a bright note:

“Don’t overestimate the state surveillance capacity. Don’t underestimate it but don’t overestimate it. They know some things, but they don’t know shit. Their intelligence gathering — unless you are absolutely ‘the target’, is not very good. Each bureaucracy is doing its own intelligence gathering, has its own chain of command, and intelligence tends to stay in each of those bureaucracies so it becomes trapped in like a silo. … They absolutely cannot stop encryption.”

So, it sounds like the powers that be are encumbered by their own hierarchy! Also:

“Security culture at its core involves knowledge and understanding. Developing personal relationships, face-to-face relationships, affinity groups, trusting friendships and comraderie is probably the most effective form of security culture that we have. Things like Brandon Darby create media sensation for us because they are so rare, because it costs so much in resources for them to actually do infiltration, for them to actually do the heavy surveillance.”

Also, bear in mind that as much as they can gather intelligence, there is a difference between data collection and effective data analysis. Especially with the sheer amount of data to sift through, signals intelligence is hard to do, and the results may not always be accurate. In an article on The Intercept detailing the flaws of facial recognition, it was noted by several organizations including The Innocence Project, based here in Boston, that:

More than half of the exonerations analyzed by the Innocence Project have involved cases where forensic experts cited flawed or exaggerated evidence, and in 2009 a landmark paper by the National Academy of Sciences stated what many had long suspected: Apart from DNA testing, no other forensic method could reliably and consistently “demonstrate a connection between evidence and a specific individual or source.” The report launched the forensic science community into a crisis of interpretation, with many questioning whether its methods should be deemed “sciences” at all.

So remember, no need to cave to paranoia. Build trust. Practice security culture, stop snitching, use more encryption, and donate to us so we can help more people stay out of prison!

Happy May Day Everyone!

May Day


Happy May Day and Happy Beltane from the Anarchist Black Cross.

Workers of the World Unite!

No Borders!  No Nations!  No one is illegal!

No Pasaran!


See you in the streets.

Support Coyote!

Coyote and 1312 Press have asked us to spread this zine and his plea for support far and wide.



This interview was conducted in the winter of 2014, shortly after Coyote
had arrived to Olympia, WA to resettle after a 16 year stint in the
Nevada prison system. This discussion on his experiences in and out of
prison has been brought back to light in lieu of some much needed
support that Coyote needs regarding multiple legal cases surrounding his
involvement in anti-racist and anti-police struggles in and around
Olympia, WA.

Let these words from a relentless and heart-filled warrior not only
inspire and motivate you to support him but to heed the call for a
culture of prisoner support and solidarity.

You can donate to Coyote and his family here: