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A flyer text given inside of the prisons in Greece

A flyer text give inside of the prisons in Greece


The enforcement of the social regularity in everyday life in prison This letter comes as a continuation of a first attempt to communicate with prisoners, last Spring. As we rewrote in the last letter, everyday life inside greek prisons becomes more and more exhausting. In a condition outside prisons where people feel trapped and more and more restricted, it is reasonable that inside prisons, as a society itself in a concentrated form, this feeling is getting increased.
Laws and regularity The modern Greece, is consistent with the proper evolution that must have, as a part of global capitalism. Of this system, that wants everybody who lives in its interior, to fully accept the living conditions that it sets. These conditions, are essentially the laws that define what  should and what  should not do. When someone does not accept them, the state and the authority will try to bring him back on the  right way .
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