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Defend and Free Political Prisoners in North America



Dear friends and comrades!

The 2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference is a mere three months away and we have a long way to go before reaching our fundraising goal! In an effort to really kickstart the final fundraising push, we are asking for your help in raising $2000 by midnight on June 22nd! This money will help us cover the cost of the space for the conference. OR it will help us cover airfare to fly in comrades from across the continent to join us in Denver. OR it will help us cover the cost of food for the weekend. You get the picture…

For the last three years, our international conference has brought together dozens of people from all over North America who are involved in the struggle to support, act in solidarity with, and free our comrades. Rarely is there a time when we are all in the same space—sharing our ideas and energy, strategizing, building networks, and creating new projects to strengthen our struggles and movements. The conference has also been a time for intergenerational, cross-movement dialogue—a time to learn from the past and look to the future.

When you donate to the conference, your money is essentially seed money for the beginning stages of exciting new projects and the revitalization of old ones. It is a contribution to the future of our movements and to the freedom of our imprisoned comrades.

But just in case you need more of an incentive… we would like to offer gifts for money donated!

A donation of $10: 2 Political Prisoner Support stickers*
A donation of $25: 1 Political Prisoner Support t-shirt** and 2 stickers
A donation of $40: 1 t-shirt, 2 stickers, and a book***
A donation of $60: 2 t-shirts, 2 stickers and a book
A donation of $60+: the gifts for the $60 donation plus our undying love and devotion

If you would like to make a donation but not receive the gifts, please make note of that. Once you donate using the link below, we will contact you about your gifts. If you would like to send a check or money order, rather than using the link below, contact us at naabcconference[at]riseup[dot]net to find out where to send it.

Please visit: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/ek5vc/ab/f3E260 to make a donation now.

Again, we are pushing to raise $2000 by midnight on June 22nd. With your help, we can do it!

Yours in solidarity,

Until all are free!

The NAABC Organizing Crew

*stickers for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid
**t-shirts for Eric McDavid, Tinley Park 5
***Books: Government Repression, Prisoner Support by Sacramento Prisoner
Support; Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism by the RNC 8

A flyer text given inside of the prisons in Greece

A flyer text give inside of the prisons in Greece


The enforcement of the social regularity in everyday life in prison This letter comes as a continuation of a first attempt to communicate with prisoners, last Spring. As we rewrote in the last letter, everyday life inside greek prisons becomes more and more exhausting. In a condition outside prisons where people feel trapped and more and more restricted, it is reasonable that inside prisons, as a society itself in a concentrated form, this feeling is getting increased.
Laws and regularity The modern Greece, is consistent with the proper evolution that must have, as a part of global capitalism. Of this system, that wants everybody who lives in its interior, to fully accept the living conditions that it sets. These conditions, are essentially the laws that define what  should and what  should not do. When someone does not accept them, the state and the authority will try to bring him back on the  right way .
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