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Retaliation Against Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, because He Got Himself a Lawyer.


Retaliation Against Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, because He Got Himself a Lawyer.

It has become clear that the ODRC is messing with Sean’s ability to communicate. This is very likely a retaliatory attempt to obstruct his ability to sue their pantspants off. Below find a message from him about the phone restriction. Supporters have been calling since Sunday about the Jpay email restriction. It seems both originated with Cheif Inspector Gary Croft.

We were unable to reach Gary Croft today, but hope to try again tomorrow. Sean encourages other supporters to also call Croft and demand that he return Sean’s access to these forms of communication. This morning Sean started dumping his meals down the toilet, on an unofficial hunger strike (since official hunger strikers who refuse meals are often punished).

Please call Gary Croft at 614-752-1677.

The message from Sean:

On April 6 I put Attorney Richard Kerger’s phone # on my phone list. Next attempt to call, my PIN # was suspended, locking me out of the phone system entirely. [Sean might not realize it, but the ODRC has also restricted Sean from receiving Jpay emails]. When I notified Global Tel Link, I received a response that my PIN is suspended per “operations support center, chief inspector’s office.” The chief inspector is Gary Croft. His job is to answer grievance appeals, not harass my communication. I’ve had to sue this goofball three times and while the last lawsuit was pending, he was named to the parole board to give me 5 years, then went back to chief inspector. Now, he has cut off my outside communication just when I got an attorneyan attorney and can sue them successfully. The Cheif Inspector can be reached at (614) 752-1677.
I ate my last meal, dinner April 8th. I’m not hungerstriking, as I don’t want [to be] stuck in a strip cell and fucked around. But, the world knows I’m not eating and I won’t be- I’ll be flushing my food until my communication is resumed and the call I missed this past weekend is provided to me.
The more people who contact Gestapo Gary and demand he stop fuckweaseling me, the better. Please feel free to post and re-post everywhere. My concern is that the fascists, who haven’t done such a whizbang job running the prisons now want to control what you read and hear and know. Nothing they “regulating” by stopming on well-established political speech in a public forum is related in any way to a legitimate penological interest. They want to exterminate ideas, free thought.
I don’t think they’ve thought this through… But I have… So stay tuned.
Freedom or Death,

Sean Swain