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Women In Prison: How it is With Us by Assata Shakur

What is Syndicalism? by Emma Goldman

An Updated History of the New Afrikan Prison Struggle by Sundiata Acoli

Tasers and the Fight Againat Police Brutality by Sally Darity

Survival Guide for the Ex-Prisoner: A Guide to Successful Transition by Khalfani X. Khaldun

Reflections on Women in Prison by Summer Thomas and Jenn Bowman

Prisons and Their Moral Influence on Priaoners by Peter Kropotkin

The Prison-Industrial Complex and the Global Economy by Eve Goldberg

Political Prisoners, Prisons and Black Liberation by Angela Davis

Parents in Prison: A Growing Crisis by Austin ABC

On Law and Authority by Peter Kropotkin

No Prisoner Left Behind: The Fight for Transgender/Gender Variant Prisoners by Kevin Weaver

Non-Western Anarchisms: Rethinking the Global Context by Jason Adams

Notes on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky

The Capitalist System by Michael Bakunin

Lessons From Cointelpro: Building a Movement in the Face of Repression by Claude Marks and Kelah Bott

Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color by Andrea Ritchie

Invisibility of Women Prisoner Resistance by Vikki Law

Joint Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex by Incite! Women of Color Against Violence and Critical Resistance

Prison, Where is Thy Victory? by Huey P. Newton

How to Use the Law Library and Write Your Law Work by D. Michael Salerno

In the Struggle for Equlity foor Equality: A History of the Anarchist Red Cross by Boris Yelensky

Handbook on Surviving Solitary Confinement: A Survival Guide for the Targeted Prisoner by Khalifani Malik Khaldun

Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games/a> by Harold H. Thompson

Control Unit Prisons by Frank Atwood

Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure by Emma Goldman

Anarchy: A Pamphlet by Errico Malatesta

Dykes and Fags Want to Know: A Written Interview With Lesbian Political Prisoners by Linda Evans, Laura Whitehorn and Susan Rosenberg

“Deviance” and Punshment in Anarchist Societies

Democracy is Driect by Cindy B. Milstein

Crime and Punishment by Voltairine De Cleyre

Celling Black Bodies: Black Women in the Prison Industrial Complex by Julia Sudbury

Black People’s Prison Survival Guide by Abdullah Ibraheem

It’s Like Living in a Black Hole: Women of Color and Solitary Confinement by Cassandra Shaylor

Black Anarchism by Ashanti Alston

Attacking Prisons at the Point of Production

Anarchism and Litigation by Eric D. Smith

Lessons From Cointelpro: Building a Movement in the Face of Repression by Claude Marks and Kelah Bott